1st April 2018


Submarine cables which connects to the future and bonds.

Submarine Cable Offshore Operations are:
Laying Work: To lay the Submarine Cable on the planned route.
Burial Work: To bury the laid Submarine Cable into the seabed for protection.
Removal: To remove the retiring Submarine Cable from the seabed.
Repair: To repair and restore the damaged Submarine Cable.
Relocation: To relocate the Submarine Cable.
Survey: To investigate the routes for old and newly planned cables.

Our determination to lay, bury and protect Submarine Cables in all Japan is manifestation of our accumulated skills and equipments.

Our firm principles are:
>To be continually necessary to the society.
>To fully satisfy the clients from manufacturers as well as organizations concerned.
>To implement the awarded projects safely and certainly, in other words by us working hard,
we wish to make full contributions to the constructions of submarine infrastructure between the islands of Japan

Under the slogan of “Safety Confirmation – All Safe”,
Seki Kaiji Industry shall continually challenge towards the next generation in order to receive the words
“Thank You” from our clients by each staff attending diligently to one’s duty with passion and pride.

Seki Kaiji Industry Co.,Lt
President Masaru Sek