1st April 2017


Submarine cables which connects to the future and bonds.
Seki Kaiji Industry shall lay, bury and protect submarine cables.

In January of 2013, in addition to our then flag ship DPS barge “AWAJI,” the new DPS barge “ASAHI” debuted.

For four years and three months since the formation of our two barges started, we have been delivering “Life” to the islands of Japan.

“AWAJI” is expected to retire in 2017, and New “AWAJI” which surpasses the former in size, tonnage, seaworthiness and sailing performance is going to debut in January of 2018.

It is a large scale investment plan for us, but the challenge is a manifestation of our determination to lay and protect submarine cables.
Seki Kaiji Industry is resolute to create for the next generation without stopping.

Our firm principles are:
>>To be continually necessary to the society.
>>To fully satisfy the clients from manufacturers as well as organizations concerned.
>>>To implement the awarded projects safely and certainly, in other words by us working hard, we wish to make full contributions to the constructions of submarine infrastructure between the islands of Japan

Under the slogan of “Safety Confirmation – All Safe”, Seki Kaiji Industry shall continually challenge towards the next generation in order to receive the words “Thank You” from our clients by each staff attending diligently to one’s duty with passion and pride.

Seki Kaiji Industry Co.,Ltd
President Masaru Seki